2020 North Carolina Voter Guide

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On-Going -- Action for Fair Voting Districts. For actions you can take in support of fair voting districts, visit:

RESOURCE: Analysis of the 2018 Election from Democracy NC: This Democracy NC released their latest analysis of the 2018 Election, including a closer look at North Carolina's robust voter turnout for a midterm election. Click here to view the full report — including interactive maps, county-level trends, and demographic shifts.
Some quick takeaways from North Carolina's 2018 Election cycle:
  • Voter turnout increased considerably — 53% voted in 2018 compared to 44% in 2014 — despite the fact that 2018 was a "blue moon" election year, absent races for U.S. Senate, Governor, or President to drive turnout.
  • Black voter turnout increased 6 points, to 48%. For Black women, turnout matched the statewide rate, 53% — up 7 points from 2014.
  • More than two times the number of Asian-American voters and Hispanic or Latino voters cast ballots in 2018, compared to 2014.
  • Turnout among the state's youngest voters (18 to 25) increased 11 points in 2018, from 29% in 2014 to 39% in 2018 statewide.
For more takeaways from 2018, check out our full report at

A Couple Resources That Don't Require You to Even Leave Your House:

The "Kill The Bill" website gets their bill information from North Carolina's trusted nonprofits and track these bills in the North Carolina General Assembly. Sign up on their website to get a weekly email...


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